Finding Your Niche and the WHY this is Important to Growth!

Hey Hey!!! It’s the middle of the week..a busy week here at SAP! Which by the way is soon to be SAS (Sara-Anne Studios). More on that later! I’m moving out of my studio after 12 years (YIKES) I’m in the middle of launching some amazing things! More on this later too! But life is moving at 1000 miles an hour and it’s good! I told a friend the other day, that this season is of creating and I’m embracing it for this season! It can’t last at this pace for a long time, but for now, we are heads down, blinders on and full force throttle!

I got asked the other day “Should I stay broad and serve a lot of different clients or should I be more specialized?” Here are my thoughts!

First, I know how hard it is when you are first starting out to not want to shoot and be all things to all people…I really do! I also know that you may not know exactly what you want to specialize in. BUT I will tell you, the fastest way to grow is by niching down!

The reason for Niching?

It establishes you as a professional in your specific line of work! People are more willing and drawn to someone who is specialized than someone who is broad! Take for instance my hair! Last summer, I wanted to embrace my curl and go curly! So instead of going to my hair dresser (who is amazing) I really looked for (AND PAID FOR) a curl specilst! I drove over 1 hour to her, I paid 3x what I would normally pay and I listened to her every word. Why? Because she specializes in curly hair! She knows all the things!

This is true for you as well. If you like weddings, think about what specifically you like, maybe it’s dreamy lots of florals, estate weddings or maybe you like small intimate weddings. Or if you are a newborn photographer, maybe you niche down to beautiful composites or studio. Whatever it is, niching is a sure fire way to grow your brand!

Here are three ways to begin the Niching process!

  1. Get to Know Your Tribe: Think of your niche audience as your tribe—your people with shared interests, quirks, and passions. Dive deep into understanding what makes them tick, what keeps them up at night, and what brings them joy. The better you know them, the easier it is to speak their language and capture their hearts.
  2. Be the Coolest Kid in Your Niche: Imagine your brand as the coolest kid in school, but instead of trying to impress everyone, you’re rocking it with your niche crew. Create a vibe that speaks directly to them—your brand name, logo, colors, and voice should feel like home to your niche audience. Authenticity is your superpower here; just be yourself and let your tribe gravitate towards you.
  3. Serve Up Special Sauce: Serve up your secret sauce—aka, your unique products or services tailored specifically for your niche. This is where you get to flex your creativity and innovation muscles. What problem can you solve for your tribe better than anyone else? That’s your golden ticket. Offer something so irresistible that your niche can’t help but fall head over heels for your brand.

Remember, niche branding is all about embracing your tribe, being authentically you, and delivering value in a way that only you can. So go ahead, sprinkle some magic dust on your brand, and watch your niche love affair blossom!

So for me, my niche is classic beach portraits that focus on large families or generations!

Check out this multi family beach session! It was truly one of my favs from last season and I can’t wait to capture them again this year! (make sure you scroll to the end…ADORABLE)

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