Photography Classes! There is a Perfect Class for You!

Did you know that we have taught over 500 people how to get off the auto setting and learn to take better pictures?

One of my passions is educating people on how to use their camera, take better pictures of their family and friends and capture priceless moments.  I love being able to watch photography come alive for those who have a desire to learn!

My classes are very hands-on and often referred to as the “paint by numbers” meaning so very simple and basic.  I won’t overload you with a ton of technical terms and processes.  There is a place for that, but it’s not my classes!

These classes are for the everyday person, who just would like to learn how to get their camera off auto and take better pictures.

So come join us!  I know there is the perfect class for you!

CAMERA CAMP! $150 ($50 deposit to hold your spot)

If you want to:

  • learn more about your camera (DSLR) and how to use it and get off “auto”
  • learn more about the “lingo” that goes along with that camera (ISO, Aperture, Exposure, White balance) etc
  • learn about natural light and not use a pop-up flash
  • how to get the sharpest images possible
  • What gear is best for what situation
  • basic posing and how to make your images come alive
  • and so much more

Upcoming Dates: 
January 15th (Burlington NC)
January  22st (Shallotte, NC)
February 12th (Burlington, NC)
February 26th (Shallotte)


CAPTURING MOMENTS CLASS!  $100 ($50 deposit)

If you want to:

  • learn how to create emotion in every shot
  • learn tools and tips for great composition that will make your images stand out
  • how to create movement and expression
  • how to capture one of a kind moments of kids of all ages
  • how to document more life moments

Upcoming Dates:
March 12th –Burlington



Are you a photographer who has been pouring your soul into your business, but you feel like it’s just not paying the rewards that you thought it would.  You are able to book, and you are swamped with work, but you are exhausted and have little time for anything else?  You see that there are other photographers that are making so much more money and you would love to be there, but just lack the confidence?  Or you know what you need to do, but you just don’t have a strategy for it?  Then our business coaching is for you!  This is a one-one time (where we can do in person or skyping) and we dive headfirst into your numbers and business and make a plan so that you can be profitable and accomplish the goals you have when you started this journey!

Coaching sessions are $100/ hour with a 2-hour minimum!

I take a limited number of coaching clients per month, so if you would like to get on our calendar,

photography coaching


We have all seen overly processed, overly edited images, after 0ver 12 years as a professional photographer, one of the things that draw people to my images, is my style…and editing is such an important aspect of that!  I have mastered photoshop (with over 12 years of experience as a full-time photographer and educator), and have tips and tricks that will help you take your images to the next level.  Whether you are a hobbyist and just want to do this for your own personal needs or if you are an aspiring photographer and need to master editing in order to provide better images for your clients, this class is perfect for you.

We believe that is knowing how to use photoshop, but then making subtle changes and learning what to do when, that will make images come to life!


  • Understanding your screen and the photoshop lingo (layers, masking, cropping, etc)
  • Achieving the best exposure (lightning, brightening & contrast)
  • Color adjustment (even color balance, burn & dodge
  • Hands-on watch me work and you will work and be able to answer questions as well

At Home Videos

The best part is that the 6 videos that you can watch over and over as you need.  You can do this in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace as a review of what you learn hands-on and then a few more!

This is a game-changer because it means you can edit along with me and stop as you need!

In his class, I will share with you all the steps I use to edit my images!

  • Understanding your screen and the photoshop lingo (layers, masking, cropping, etc)
  • Achieving the best exposure (lightning, brightening & contrast)
  • Skin tones (smoothing, patching, and smoothing)
  • Color adjustment (even color balance, burn & dodge)
  • basic fixes (cloning & patching)
  • The final presentation of images and using templates, overlays and another basic desktop publishing (web sizing, sharpening for print, etc)

photoshop classes

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