Dear Makaley: Oak Island Photographer

This past trip to the beach for work was just all around one of my favorite trips.  I’m so blessed that my kids get to travel with me most of the time and we get to spend quality time together.  This year, we have played things a bit differently as I’ve been taking one child with me and the other stays home with dad and therefore we both get quality time with the child we have been with.  I will say this time has been invaluable…time for us to pour into our kids during these very special times in their lives.  They are both going to be in middle school this year…both dealing with some of the same issues of relationships, self esteem, finding their lifes loves (as in hobbies, sports, etc) and us as their parents, having the opportunity to have those longer times, without interruptions has been amazing!

Last night we were driving back in this horrible rain storm.  I looked over at my sweet daughter curled up on the seat next to me…so innocent…she’s so scared about this next year and all that it holds, but she is one amazing girl!  I was able to reflect a bit on all that she is!

She’s often called my mini me…and in many ways she is.  She has dreams (as I did) of owning her own business, of doing something in the creative field.  She has notebooks upon notebooks of drawings of those dreams, cakes that she’s designed, clothing and outfits that she’s dreamed up, closets that she’s organized and homes that she’s crafted.  She pours over magazines and Pinterest (her dream world) and has in her mind just where she will be.

She still takes my hand on walks on the beach, she loves for me to play with her in the water, she still cuddles on the couch with me and in so many ways she’s still the little girl in cute peaches and cream outfits!

She longs for what is right, she is very much a rule follower, doesn’t like to walk out of line, wants to make sure that the choices she makes are approved by those who she looks up to and those in authority.

She has no problem being by herself, she loves to draw and write in her notebooks, she’s very comfortable alone, probably more comfortable by herself than with others.  She has to make herself do group activities, she knows that she is not the most athletic but is okay with that.  She understands that her gifts are more creative.  She’s longing to find a place in this world (her place)  where that is embraced and she can excel in that creativity!

She’s self conscious about what others think, my prayer is that she will find strength in God and in herself to not care.  I want her to understand that God has made her so special, so unique, that it’s okay to not be sporty, or to not have the latest and greatest outfit, but that just by who God has created her to be…she is Beautiful and loved!

She has such dreams, dreams of traveling the world, of making her mark in her life, of accomplishing her goals.  She has already figured out where she is going to college, how much it will cost, and how much she will have to work at both Starbucks and Bath and Body Works in order to help with tuition and then how much scholarship she will need.  She has dreams of being on HGTV as one of their designers, of  publishing her own magazine, of owning a storefront (they could have been taken from my journals at her age) My prayer is that she has seen how God has ordered my steps and that those dreams are attainable…that God places those in our hearts for a reason and that she should go after them with all her heart!  I pray that as her mom, I have been a role model for how God works and guides us to His perfect plan for our lives!

She’s got such style, I can often (and do) ask her to help me put together outfits, accessories etc…she’s a great mix of trendy and classic.  She loves colors (much like her momma) and has developed this unique style that captures her personality perfectly!

She’s the sweetest, last night, after my session, I asked her what she wanted for dinner and she said “mom, whatever makes it easiest for you”  Really?  melt my heart…she’s so sweet..thinking of others so much!  This little girl who spent all her savings on a iPod for her brother (because she knew he wanted one so badly)  This sweet girl, who loves to give hugs and who is always willing to help!  She is so sweet!

So as she enters this new season in her life, my prayer is that she finds more of herself, that the things that I see so clearly in her life, she begins to see and identify with.  I pray for her friendships (that cause her such aguish these days) I pray that God brings her a Bestie…its the desire of my heart!  I pray that she continues to walk strongly in the things of the Lord, that she will learn to lean on Him for everything.  That she will find her creative wings and soar!  That her fears will not hold her back, that she will go after her dreams and chase them with a vengeance!  I pray that she finds her “thing”  whether it be art, or theater or writing, but the one thing that she can develop and feel great about!  I pray that we as her parents will continue to parent her in the way that meets her needs, that will help to shape her and guide her!

Beautiful girl…I knew the day you were born that you were special…(Lord knows that my pregnancy with you was so difficult…fed through tubes, hospitalized, broken bones) but I knew that you were fashioned for a purpose and that God has big things planned for you!  I love you with all my heart, I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to be your mom…that I get to watch you grow and spread your wings, that I get to be a part of helping you develop into the beautiful young woman that you are!  I’m humbled by your heart, I am blessed by your carefree spirit, I am in awe of your creativity and goals.  You are unique, you are so special and on a path that God has just for you!  Stay the course…look to Him for answers…keep coloring outside of the lines….keep being YOU!

Love you with all my heart!

I snapped these a few min before my session…they are just her..not the greatest images I’ve ever taken, but they are HER and because they are her…they are beautiful!




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