Mother & Child Project

Some of you know my story..in a nut shell here it is…

Several years ago I lost my mom (and grandmother) in an auto accident.  It was sudden and of course heart wrenching…but in some ways it gave me the push to do what I love.  I realized that life is way too short and I needed to do what I was meant to do!

In the process of going through my mom’s things, I realized that I had very very few images of her…and even less of she and I…in fact, the only one I could find that was of me as a grown woman was when I was pregnant with my son.  I did have a picture of all of us girls (4 generations) it was a horrible Wal-Mart studio picture, but is priceless to me!

Over the years, I have taken numerous images of mothers and children…and as I edit them, I always am moved…I realize how important they are.  Sometimes I’m moved to tears when taking the pictures.  I want to give every mom the opportunity to have a beautiful image of themselves and their children.

So I’m starting the Mother & Child Project!

Here are the details:

  • They will be FREE of charge!  You will get one printed 5×7 and one digital image
  • You must contact me to schedule as I will schedule them as I have availability hopefully during one weekday morning and one weekend morning a month.
  • You can do one per quarter
  • The sessions will last about 20 min
  • Open for all ages!  but it must be the mother and child (I am not doing generations for this project)

I am super excited about this…they will be simple and classic, but they will be pictures that you and your family will cherish!

UPDATE:  Dates for August and September are full (wow wee!)  So pleased so far!   Pretty amazing seeing all these beautiful momma’s and their kiddos!

October dates are October 4th 9-1:30pm & October 16th 5-7:30pm—I am ONLY scheduling in these dates, there will be a date in November and then again in January!