Eastern Alamance Class of 2019 Senior! Mebane Senior Portrait

Hey friends!  I haven’t really done an introduction in a while….like a get to know the photographer post!  I think its so important for you to know who you are working with, especially seniors as we spend so much time together!

First, I’m a wife, I married a man who I met on the internet back when no one met on the internet, back when you had to plug a phone jack into the wall and computer in order to make email work!  That may share my age, but it really taboo and my folks were super nervous when I told them!

2nd I’m a mom, I am a mom to two teenagers (YIKES) and nothing will give you more gray hairs than teenage years.  They are great kids and we keep busy with soccer, track, drums (2 bands), drama and church!  Thankfully one of them is driving and we are begging the other to get her licenses.

Next, I am a fur baby mom!  We have a 6-year old Shih Tzu and a new 16 week old Goldendoodle!  If you are on my Instagram or Facebook at all, they sometimes overtake my feed.

I’m a business owner!  I am a photographer (self-taught) I have been in business for 12 years and so blessed to say running a successful studio.  I’m also an educator, right now most of my teaching comes in the form of my in-person classes and workshops, but that is about to change, really soon!

I am also a Christian, a huge football fan, loves to explore small towns, cute coffee shops and a collector of mugs!  (we have so many)

I love the color yellow, I dream of owning a small cabin in the mountains, I love traveling…all of it, from packing to the feeling of returning home and sleeping in my own bed.  I listen to a ton of podcasts, mostly true crime and I love to hoard magazines and pretty books.  I love Italian food and seafood, I drink way too much coffee, I love snow days and family vacations.  I use my crockpot probably 80 of the meals I cook because of time, but I love to cook when I have time.   I wear big earrings, in fact, I’ve been known to take mine off and let one of my seniors use them in a pinch at a shoot.  I have sung in praise teams, choirs and on stage for most of my life and right now, I will say, it’s the one thing I miss tremendously in my life!

Photographing Seniors has become my jam and I get excited everytime I load another gallery!

I’m so excited to share this beautiful young woman’s senior session!  I’ve known Chelsea since she was in 3rd grade…wow!  She has grown up and is quite an amazing young lady!  Her pictures just amazed me!  We did her hair and makeup with the talented Amity from Haven and Beyond, and then we hit 3 different locations!  Her outfit choices were a perfect combination of casual and a bit dressy! Thank you so much, Chelsea, for giving me the opportunity to work with you, best of luck as you finish out your senior year at Easter Alamance!

If you are still looking for senior pictures or if you are graduating next year (we are booking for fall already) we would love to share with you our Senior Experience!

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