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Tomorrow ends lazy mornings and late nights playing tetris, it ends, beach trips and pool days, it ends mission trips and summer camps, it ends waiting in line at Pelicans SnoBalls (well we can still do that) and trips to the best ice-cream place at the beach.  Tomorrow is the day..its the day that my kids both look forward to and dread all summer long…the day that they go back to school.  This year, I have two in middle school!  How did that happen!  It seems like just yesterday that I was taking them to preschool at Soapstone UMC…I just can not believe how fast their elementary years flew by!  My baby is not a baby…I woke up this morning with such a heavy heart, I know that these middle school years are so tough, as most of their teachers and professionals will say, they are the hardest years for kids, but I so want them to have great year!  So I threw my thoughts on paper this morning as I was praying for them!

Dear M & M,

I can’t believe that you are both in middle school, one in your first year, and one in your last…how did we get her so quickly?  I want to let you know how very very proud I am of you both!  You both amaze me in so many ways…Micah your heart for the Lord and service has continued to develop this summer, as you have attended another Serve Camp, summer youth conferences, helped out at church, worked in the food pantry and helped your dad.  You are a special young man!  This summer, we have stretched you…we have demanded a lot of you…and you have risen to the occasion!  It’s been wonderful to see you grow and mature…it’s amazing how much in just one summer!  You have nutured friendships and it’s been wonderful to see those grow.  I have loved seeing you so happy!  I pray that this year you will be able to continue to develop those friendships, to open your heart to new ones and to come more accepting of those who need YOU as a friend!  You are SO smart…you blow me away with that brain of yours…I just pray that you apply yourself whole heartedly to school.  Just like you do in soccer or track, and just about everything else you touch…I hope that something lights a fire that you do that with your studies.  That you realize that God has blessed you so much with so many gifts…and that it’s your job to be a good steward of those.  I pray that you will continue to be the young man that God desires you to be…to put Him first and to love mercy and walk humbly with Him!

Makaley, you are a beautiful!  I have loved every minute I have gotten to spend with you this summer!  All those trips to the beach, I have enjoyed you by my side the whole time!  Your creativity has blossomed this summer, with all your dreams and plans!  You have set goals and achieved them!  I know you are nervous about this next step, but I know that you will rise to the occasion and will be just fine!  I love that you are looking forward to this year and that you desire to put all your heart into it!  I pray for your friendships…I know this weighs heavy on your heart!  I know that God has just the right girl to become your BFF, I have been praying for her all summer and that you both will be open to a new friendship and that it will be all that you desire it to be!  You worked so hard last year on so many things, don’t focus on those things…focus on new things!  My prayer is that this year you will settle in quickly, that you will find your place and that you will have confidence the special young woman that God has made you!

Both of you are so dear to your dad and I…you make our days brighter, you challenge us to be better people, you love the Lord and the things of the Lord!  We want the absolute best for you!  We are praying that this year, we know you will have challenges, we know that there will be sad time, but we want you to push through them, to grow from them, and to embrace it!  We want to celebrate with you with triumphs..there will be many of those too!  We will ALWAYS be here for you!  We love you and are so proud of you both!  Thank you for being the amazing kids you are, for making my job as Mom so much fun!

Praying for you both tomorrow as you start this year!  We expect a GREAT year!


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