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So let’s face it, if you blog, you probably always struggle with “blogging” the actual writing and posting of the content that you so desperately need to share (or should share).  I’ve been working with a couple of professionals (creative entrapenures) and this is the one thing that they all tell me that they struggle with.  I will be honest, there are times, that I do too….but when things are super busy and I feel that blogging get’s a back seat, there are a few things that I do to ensure that I’m posting at least 2-3 times a week.

So here are a few tips that will help if you struggle with actually posting.

 Make a schedule:  I promise that half the problems are coming up with what to write and when.  It will take away so much pressure, if you can at the beginning of the month in your calendar pick your dates that you will blog (looking at your calendar) and what you will write about.  For me this looks like this:  I pick 3 days a week that I can write.  Some weeks that means I’m writing all the content in one day (I’ll get to that later) and then I choose my topics.  So actually, this post was actually thought about last week when I wrote out my calendar.   This week I’m blogging about

Tips for blogging
How to develop your “style”
Photography 101:  Aperture

By doing this I have a plan.  Then as I can I assign what images Im going to use for the blog posts and then I even jot down my “points” that I want to  share.

Use BlogStomp:  One thing that I use to struggle with was sizing all my images and putting them into a collage to ad interest.  Well then some dear soul introduced me to blogstomp and it was a life saver.  It is amazing and will upload, size and watermark your images in one swoop.  Go check them out!  It’s the one way to keep things looking congruent.  (which is important)

Make notes:  This is the one thing that has changed my blogging and made things go so much smoother.  I will be driving down the road and thoughts will come to me, thoughts that I want to share, etc.  I will also answer emails and think, “this would make a great blog post”  So I’ve started to keep a folder with all that informaiton.  I voice text in my “notes” on my phone and then email it to myself and I have one folder that is just my tips and thoughts about various subjects.  I tell you…for the most part, all I have to do is fill in with some content here and there and most of my writing is done.  It has made things go so much easier.

Have a blogging morning or night:  I blog all my content for the week in one day.  I use a scheduler to post my posts, but once I get on a roll with writing, I don’t want to stop and I find I get more completed if I just plan on doing 3 or 4 at a time.  I have even found that if I get my images blogged, the main points and some of the other content in one sitting, then if I have to go back, it goes so much quicker.

Get Organized:  One thing that helps is organization.  I have a folder on my desktop that is labeled “2016 blog” then in there is “January blog” and after I edit or if I find an image that I want to blog, I put it in there so that I don’t have to hunt.  For me, my sessions all get blogged after the client ordering session, and so as soon as I complete a gallery, the images go into the “labeled folder”  I also put my “notes” in there and my schedule.

A few more quick tips.  Know that you don’t have to write a ton for a post to be good.  You want the information to be fresh and new and to be relevant.  You also want unique and original images.

I hope you find these tips helpful as you begin to tackle your blog!

I met this family Thanksgiving weekend.  They were spending thanksgiving at the beach and wanted some family pictures.  It ended up being a beautiful evening and their family just as beautiful.  These kiddo’s smiles were just beautiful and their eyes sparkled in the evening sun.  Thank you S. family for allowing me the opportunity to work with you this past year!

We are now booking beach sessions at Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach and the entire NC coast.  For more information, please email the studio at info@sara-annephotography.com

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