I Share My Heart Today and a Gorgeous Class of 2022 Senior; Burlington NC Senior Pictures

As I write this post, there’s a soft rain falling…oh rain, I welcome you today!  Though it does mean another session postponed in the middle of busy season, but rain means cooler temps, it means staying inside (hopefully) it means a cup of warm coffee continually on my desk and the first pot of chili in the crock pot…even a certain curly doodle is feeling it and is snuggled next to me!

I’m welcoming a stretch when I’m at home, even though it’s a house that is still not unpacked completely, but it’s home.  This has been the longest stretch of beach sessions.  I was at the coast nearly solidly from May through September…and though I’m still back and forth quite a bit, the time in between and in my own bed is a bit longer these days.

I’ve been thinking so much about seasons as we enter my two favorites (fall and winter) seasons are nature’s way of moving us from one place to another.  Spring is new and fresh and there’s an excitement.  Summer is often a time for rest and growth.  Fall is a time for harvest and winter is a time where things are quiet.   I’ve been longing for fall for weeks as it seemed that our summer just wanted to stick around forever!  For me, fall represents “routine”  though its much different with no school, soccer, and all the extra curricular activities, but it’s routine none the less.  Fall is cozy and then it brings about the holidays …which we LOVE in our family!  Fall is busy for everyone and there is just something about shorter days and spiced scents!  I love harvest moons, autumn sunsets (which at the beach have been amazing), festivals and fairs, fire pits and hoodies!

My heart and mind seem more at peace in the fall, I’m typically wrapping up a busy year, closing out beach seasons and hopefully finishing and accomplishing the goals that I set at the beginning of the year.  I don’t feel the need to “be all the things” that I often do in the spring.  I’m just able to rest more and it’s good for my soul.

I’ve had a hard time lately writing, it’s never been an issue for me.  I use to crank out blog posts with ease, but I’ve felt something holding me back lately.  Something keeping me from truly sharing my heart.  This space, my little corner of the internet, has always been a piece of me, it’s been a place for me to share my thoughts and heart, but also the gorgeous clients that I’m able to work with day in and day out!  All summer, I have been silent as I searched and journaled and I’m at a place where I feel led to share, where I’m not afraid and I am going to be brave!  I’m excited..and a bit anxious, but more excited!  Good things coming!

I’m thrilled to share this amazing senior session!  In my mind, they are all pretty darn amazing, but sometimes you just meet some kids that steal your heart and that you have so much fun with!  That are laid back, that trust me completely and that are up for anything.  The only thing that she had as a definite was to get some in her daddy’s tobacco fields as she grew up in those fields.  I loved everything about this session from the graffiti wall to the volleyball pictures…Kaitlyn, thank you so much for allowing us to capture this very special time in your life!  We know you are going to do amazing things as you head out into the world!

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