Sunday Night Wisdom:

It’s been a hard few weeks..to say the least, (I know there are days, weeks and even seasons) like this sometimes in our lives, but boy…this one has really got me down!  I am trying to find the “lemonade” in it all…realizing that even in the hard times that we can find joy and learn and grow!   So here are a few things that I’ve learned in the last few weeks.

Flexibility is really a must!  .I recently read a quote that said “blessed are the flexible as they shall not be bent”  I have tried to lean on that…knowing that the more I learn to “go with the flow” the fewer things will bother me and I will be less stressed!

Finding the quiet!  My daughter (the sweet thing that she is) came to me last night and said “mom, a bit of advice from Dr, Makaley…you need a hot bath” she was right!  I needed the time to settle my mind, to just escape from all the craziness.  For me, the hot bath with peppermint oil was a must, but for you, it may be a drive in the country or a walk around the neighborhood.

Healthy Eating:  I am so reminded of how garbage in means garbage out, and when life is stressful, we need more than ever to eat food that gives us fuel.  The last few weeks I’ve been running here and there, putting out many fires and I was eating like crap, and it wasn’t helping anything, I had little energy to deal with all the “fires’ and so I made a commitment to eat better (clean) and it has helped a lot!

Find the fun:  In all of the mess of all the last three months, we have had quite a bit of laughs as a family!

Perspective makes all the difference:  In the last year or so we have had some very hard things happen to our family…things that would rock our world to the core, but a few long months removed, it was the best thing that could have happened to use…our perspective has changed (as hard as it was) and so now, while my life is in one of those seasons…I am trying to remember that perspective will help me get through it all!

So not that I’m not okay, I am!  It’s just been a very difficult season with a lot of circumstantial things that are beyond my control (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, two broken teeth, my husbands MD has gotten worse) So I’m trying to take my own words and daily (sometimes minute by minute) remember them!

Switching gears big time!  I had this amazing teen shoot recently, it was perfect, great girls…inside and out, an amazing makeup artist (Adrianne from the Loft Styling Studio)  I love these shoots for so many ways, I love what they do for these girls self-esteems, I love that it captures their time in life whether its dance team or middle school.  I love the enthusiasm that they bring and I love meeting their moms!  I’m so excited to share this young lady’s images, she has the biggest smile and a super fun personality that just shines through those big sparkly eyes! Thank you so much Eva Grace for participating in this latest shoot!  We LOVED working with you!

A few House Keeping Things!

  • We have one spot left for the next teen shoot (next Sunday afternoon)
  • Senior Pictures!  WOW…I can’t believe that we have already begun shooting these!  Our Class of 2021 seniors, we can’t want to work with you and if you want in on our fall schedule, let us know!
  • Beach Sessions!  They are happening…Im not going to lie, we’ve taken a huge hit due to COVID, but we also know that God is in control and we will work with exactly whom we are supposed to!  BUT if you want a beach session, our schedule is a bit freer than usual!

Hello Friends

Hi Friends!  I can't tell you how excited I am that you stopped by my little corner of the internet!  I hope you grab a cup coffee and say a while!