Such a Beautiful Family! Burlington NC

How are you doing today?  Are you stressed?  Are you frustrated?  I found myself in both these places this morning, but then I thought, you know….I need to take charge and change my “tude”  I took a long walk, I hot shower and cleaned up a bit and I feel so much better.  Along with crossing some major things off my “todo” list..don’t you know that always make me feel better.  Plus I can feel spring in the air…spring sports, I even saw some daffodils today!

Though spring is closing in…I’m still playing catch up…can you believe that I still have fall/holiday sessions to blog!  We have been so busy in the studio…lots of designing and editing…organizing and so much more!  I told my kids this morning, that we were almost to their last quarter of the school year…YIKES!!!  It (time) just goes by so quickly and there are times that I feel that I’m missing so much…do you ever feel that way?

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Housekeeping! (my favorite) but its the best way for you all to keep up with ALL that’s going on!

  • Beach Sessions:  We are offering our pre-booking!  Meaning if you book now through the end of the month, your session fee $200, becomes a print credit at the time of ordering!
  • Orchard sessions:  Our cherry blossoms will be blooming soon and we have 1..that’s right ONE session left for our our orchard sessions.  They are so popular, even with other photogrpahers!
  • Teen Shoot!  We are doing again.  Katy (wonderful stylist and make up artist) and I will be hosting another shoot on April 25th!

I had so much fun photographing this family!  I can not wait to see their walls adored with these beautiful images! Aren’t these children just beautiful!!!!



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Hi Friends!  I can't tell you how excited I am that you stopped by my little corner of the internet!  I hope you grab a cup coffee and say a while!