Maternity Beach Session: Ocean Isle Beach Photographer

This past month:

  • I have only slept in my own bed 4 nights
  • I’ve put 4K miles on my van
  • I’ve gotten my van stuck twice at sessions (one in the mud, one in the sand)
  • I’ve photographed a birth (amazing experience)
  • had 19 sessions (a record for me)
  • had someone fall through the floor of my studio (with 100 plus year old floors…but she’s okay)
  • let my son get a mohawk
  • eaten 14 quarts of blueberries (it’s a wonder I’m not blue)
  • drank more coffee than I care to admit
  • photographed families from Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, New Hampshire, Oregon and of course North Carolina
  • done 18 hours of Social Media Consulting
  • spent 10 days away with my love (the best vacation ever)

To say it has been a whirlwind of a month is a complete understatement…but WOW am I ever blessed!  I’ve been writing a blessings journal…because you know, sometimes when we are that busy..it’s hard to always see the good in all of that.  Here were some of the things I wrote last night:

  • God always provides
  • my son (13) who still says “i love you mom” every time I walk out the door
  • my sweet daughters voice
  • family who is willing to invest in my kids
  • our youth group …so happy that he has found a group he LOVES and is being loved
  • down time with my husband
  • a good balance of going and hanging for the kids (they aren’t too busy, but they definitely are not bored)
  • ideas that continue to come …so thankful for creative thought
  • clients to continue to encourage and push me to be better, who allow me to be creative
  • trials (they are never fun) but I know I’m growing
  • a few days of a break to look forward to!

I have so much to be thankful for, but when I get busy and overwhelmed, sometimes it’s hard for me to focus on all the beautiful things around me and happening!

Speaking of beautiful things…One of the most beautiful sessions I have ever done was this mom’s maternity session (and wait to you see the newborn) I know some have already seen a few of these images as I posted on FB but I haven’t posted her session!  She’s amazingly beautiful and so fun to work with!  Again…Im BLESSED!!!

Hello Friends

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