Just for Kids: Camera Camp!

I have been teaching my Camera Camp for years, with over 500 people taking the class, in my studio, it’s been a goal of mine, to offer it to the masses!

Over the years, I’ve often heard from my attendees “do you ever do anything for kids?”  I haven’t in the past, but with all the kiddos at home, looking for fun things to do, I really felt now was the time!

I’m so excited to announce Camera Camp for Kids (now you parents can join in too)

Suggested Age:  8-13

  • This class is just for kiddos who want to learn how to use a camera and have fun taking pictures.
  • The best part is, you can be from anywhere to take part in this…meaning your child and their cousin in Atlanta can do it together!
  • We will do this all online. There will be 6 videos for them to watch and they can watch the as often as they need to!
  • The classes will begin April 1st!  Two videos a week will be uploaded to watch.
  • We’ll also have fun assignments and virtual photography show that you all can share with your friends and family!

What They Will Learn:

  • How to shoot in Manual and understanding ISO, F’stop and Shutter Speed
  • How to change the White Balance and color of their picture
  • How to take pictures of people and groups
  • How to take pictures of nature
  • How to take pictures of animals
  • Basic composition ideas

What Do They Need

  • DSLR camera (see below) or a camera that can shoot in manual mode (M mode)

  • Access to a computer to upload their images
The class is $50 and due at the time of registration.  Register before March 21st and receive $10 off!
Questions? Feel free to email the studio!

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