Double Trouble! Gorgeous Sisters: Burlington NC Family Photographer

Hi! I’m Sara-Anne and I adore photographing teens and tweens.  Im thrilled that about 3 years ago, a huge part of my focus is on these awesome years!  There are so many reasons why I love this age group, but the main reason is that I love pouring back into them and helping them see how amazingly beautiful, unique and special they are!  There is something so special in the transformation that happens from the time they walk into the studio with all the nerves and anticipation of what will happen behind the scenes and then in front of my camera to the time when I shoot their last outfit and they are relaxed, we have talked about their hobbies and the magic happens.

If you are thinking about doing one of our teen shoots (next one is October 18th) then here are a few tips

  • Bring LOTS of clothes…the more the better.  Part of my job is helping to style you…is to help you pull together things that will look the best on camera and on you!  Yes you get three outfits for the shoot, but if we have options then thats better
  • Don’t be afraid of things that are different…(hair styles, accessories etc) again, we want to capture YOU, but we also know that sometimes a little bit extra really takes an image to the next level
  • Bring a friend….we have found that the girls that have a friend participate, love it!  It’s always fun, takes some of the nerves away and it’s special
  • Let us know if you are celebrating something…braces off, birthday, etc, we want to celebrate with you!
  • Share your story with us….this helps us get to know you and believe it or not, helps us photograph you better
  • Accessorize…this is your time to wear the bigger earrings, to sport those beautiful heels, or to try a hat that you think might be fun!
  • Make sure you Tag us…when you share on social media, please make sure you tag Sara-Anne Photography and All About That Hair NC
  • Communicate with us…both Katy (our make up/hair stylist) and myself want you to feel very comfortable, so please let us know if something doesn’t feel right

I had the awesome opportunity to work with these beautiful young ladies! What a gorgeous pair …wow!

Just look at these shots…I am IN LOVE ! …I LOVE them all!


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