Camera Camp for 2021: Basic Photography Class

Camera Camp for 2021!
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In summary, a one day class, where you will learn how to use your camera (get it off the auto mode) and take better photos of your family and friends!
Let’s face it, you have a fancy camera, but you are still using it like a point and shoot?  You aren’t comfortable with it and you revert back to your phone???  YEP….I get that all the time!
This class is a hands-on, relaxed class to help you feel more confident and learn more about how your camera functions and therefore you will take better pictures!

If you want to:

  • learn more about your camera (DSLR) and how to use it and get off “auto”
  • learn more about the “lingo” that goes along with that camera (ISO, Aperture, Exposure, White balance) etc
  • learn about natural light and not use a pop-up flash
  • how to get the sharpest images possible
  • What gear is best for what situation
  • basic posing and how to make your images come alive
  • and so much more

If you answered yes…then this class is for you!


camera class for beginners

We have had the joy of teaching thousands of people this class and here is what a few have said:

  • Sara-Anne, thank you so much for teaching me how to use my camera…I have had it for 3 years, but never knew how to use it fully
  • This was by far the best investment ever…I now know what everything on my camera does and how to use it and my pictures are so much better” 
  • “After taking the class, I went to have a picture printed and the store wanted a “print release”…yes, they thought I was a professional, I was so excited” 
  • “Sara-Anne, I can’t thank you enough for your class.  I have told all my friends that this is what they need to learn their camera” 
  • This class was just perfect, the right amount of time, the info shared was practical and Sara-Anne has an approach that is easy to learn and understand” 
  • As she says, it’s the paint by numbers for photography, so easy to grasp and now I can use my camera the way it’s supposed to be used”


  • January 16th (Burlington, NC)
  • January 30th (Burlington, NC)
  • February 13th (Shallotte, NC)
  • March 20th (Burlington, NC)



  • Need a DSLR camera (one that you can change lenses and can be put in manual mode)
  • It’s a 1-day class
  • At our beautiful and large studio in downtown Burlington (lots of space and class numbers will be limited)
  • Very hands-on
  • $99
  • Must pay $25 deposit to reserve your spot


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