A Beautiful Celebration: Burlington Wedding Photographer

It’s a beautiful day here in NC and I’m headed off to photograph the birthday of a little guy who turns one!  I have been wanting to post this beautiful celebration for a few weeks now, but things have been just so busy.  I didn’t feel right just posting some pictures, as this wedding was a bit more special to me.

Jeff (the groom) is the owner of the building where my studio is.  To be honest, the reason I chose the space (not only is it amazing) but was because of Jeff!  Over the past 4 years, as I’ve gotten to know him, I’ve also been able to get to know Emily and watch from afar as their relationship developed.  Then one day, a little birdie told me that they were engaged and I was thrilled when they asked me to be a part of their special day.  It truly was a celebration of a love that is devoted and special as they are!  So many people are so happy for them, so excited to see this marriage take place and I’m excited that I get to share a glimpse of their day.

Emily and Jeff, I pray that God blesses you both (and Robbert) as you begin your life together.  I am SO happy for you!  Thank you for the privilege of being able to be there with you!


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