Photoshop Class Burlington NC Photographer

This is one anticipated class.  I get asked this question all the time “do you teach photoshop?” and I have …in the past, our “how does she do that class” has been one of the most popular of our education series.  So now we are doing a hands on photoshop class just for beginners.

What do you need to know?

  • it’s a one day class at our studio in downtown Burlington
  • 1:30-4pm (long day but worth it)
  • January 19th
  • you must have your own computer and photoshop elements (at least) if not photoshop

In this class we will cover

  • cropping, straightening and sizing images
  • fixing basic exposure (both lightening and darkening
  • color correction
  • fixing problem issues (blemishes, softening skin, removing unwanted background)
  • Brightening and adding focus to the subject

Who is this class for?

  • Those of you who have taken our Camera Class and who want to take your images to the next level
  • Those who love to scrapbook and need to know how to make your images better

Who this class isn’t for?

  • If you are looking to develop a photography or design business for commercial purposes (to make a profit)

To register, please click here

Class is regularly $150

Photoshop class burlington nc

Photoshop class burlington ncnc

Photoshop class burlington nc

Photoshop class burlington nc
Photoshop class burlington nc


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