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September 1st we will be launching our new brand just for teens and tweens…Sam Ally and Company is just for our fabulous clients who love style, fashion and fun!   There’s been a lot of buzz about this…people asking about it, wanting to know when they can start booking and so here are some Q&A’s

Who is Sam Ally & Company:  SAC (Sam Ally and Company …also you will notice is my initials Sara-Anne Caudle) is a brand that will focus just on tweens and teens…that’s it!  No babies, no families…just teenagers!

Why did you create this brand?  Because we feel that teens want a place to call their own…they love individuality and they love things that are hip and fun…that is exactly what SAC will be.  Some of the features will include:

  • An app just for them to download and share their images with their friends
  • A personal stylist that will consult with them and help them pick just the right styles for their shoot
  • Hair and make up if they desire
  • Loads of trendy items that will be able to purchase straight from the site (cube prints, phone covers, locker magnets, calendars, grad invites, and so much more)
  • Completely mobile friendly…the entire process will be accessible from any mobile device.
  • Several photographers to choose from
  • Portrait parties for groups of friends
  • much more!

Who is behind Sam, Ally & Co?  Sara-Anne of Sara-Anne Photography (yours truly) and a couple of other amazing people (soon to be revealed) that make up the team!

Are you booking sessions yet? Yes, of course!  and in celebration of our  Brand Launch, here’s an awesome dealeo!

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Fall is coming!  I read yesterday that Starbucks is brining back pumpkin spiced lattes early….I walked the craft store and all the fall (and even Christmas) decor is out!  Fall clothes are available in the stores now, and football is on my tv…so excited!  Fall is my favorite!  My clients are booking their sessions for fall and we are kicking off with a fabulous special!  You can find the details here!

I was asked if this would include beach sessions or sessions in Brunswick county…and the answer is kind of:) If I can book a few in a row, then I would definitely offer this there!  So right now, I have September 10th & 14th available at the beach.

Speaking of beach…this was one of my favorite sessions this summer, nothing sweeter than a newborn (she’s actually 5 weeks here) on the beach with her beautiful big sister!  You will remember their mom from this session…one of my all time most popular sessions ever!


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I have so much to share…so many things have happened since I last blogged, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with things, but it’s all exciting!  Beach sessions are winding down, though I have one every weekend in September…so not really!  Fall is gearing up, the kids are headed back to school in a few weeks and lots of new things on the horizon for SAP!

I loved this session, this mom always is prepared…she has her daughter (and family) styled just perfectly for our sessions and has a vision in mind!  She communicates with me every step of the way (extremely important) and together we pull one  amazing session!

So I thought it would be helpful to ask her some questions for some of you that maybe interested in how she prepares (which she does way ahead)

Where do you find inspiration for your daughter?  I follow several of my favorite clothing brands on instagram and also get inspiration for outfit ideas through facebook groups with other moms.

What are some of the trends that you love: Trends i love: bold color – we are no pastel lovers here! boho/vintage – for girls and boys, the hipster vibe is back in full force. denim – all ways in ALL ways (pants, tops, dresses, skirts, shorts). you can never go wrong with a great pair of jeans.

What are some of your tips for moms who want to help with styling:  Now THAT is a funny one. As you know, I’m always planning the next session in my mind months in advance. I will see a piece of clothing or a theme that inspires me and I run with it. I always stress on the day of. Always. Will the weather be perfect? Will the styling turn out the way I had imagined it would? Will my child cooperate. I’m learning just to go with the flow. It’s still a work in progress, but I am getting better.

What are some of your favorite brands:  So many favorites! My top five are Well Dressed Wolf, Matilda Jane, Wovenplay, Lacey Lane and a custom boutique called Bitty Bitty Bum Bum which is run by a mother/daughter duo.

Why do you love them: They all give me the freedom to showcase P’s spirit, her spunk, her individuality and not look cookie cutter.

What are some of your money saving tips: I save money on her clothes by always searching for coupon codes and shopping through Ebates when I can. I also resell most of her clothing in facebook groups, which helps recoup most of initial cost and pay for the next round of goodies!

You will see from the below session how her vision combined with my ideas made for an awesome styled session at the beach!



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It’s been a little nuts around our house!  wrapping up the end of summer…soccer try outs, kids headed to camp, 50th anniversary parties, and of course many beautiful sessions!  I am in awe that summer is almost ended!  I know we still have many days of beautiful weather ahead of us, and I’m still booking beach sessions through October…but I have to face the fact, the days of a more relaxed schedule and late night swims are ending soon.

In many ways I welcome the new school year…just like New Years…it’s a fresh start, a new beginning…time to get organized and begin new routines.  This year we have two in middle school…my mind hurts when I think that my baby is headed off to the 6th grade.  As I was looking through many old family photos for this Anniversary shindig that we are throwing, I realized, yet again how quickly time passes…how those moments are gone!!

Though I’m a photographer, I do a horrible job of taking photos of my kids, my family, and important dates.  I so need to be better at this!

I’m challenging myself to take one photo a day of each of my kids for the first month of school.  It doesn’t have to be pretty…it doesn’t have to be posed, but I want to capture them in their day to day.  We’ve gotten so use to our camera phones that are so easy, simple and convenient, but we really need to get back to our cameras!  I would never use a camera phone to take a picture of a client, why would I do that for my own family.

So get out your cameras, and start snapping away for your family!

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph this GORGEOUS family while there were at the beach for vacation!  I feel that all my clients are beautiful…(I’m so blessed) but this family…wow…they are just stunning!  And beautiful people make beautiful pictures!  I adore the close ups of their kiddos…the light was perfect, with this beautiful sunset and it just was the perfect background!  Thank you so much Massey family for allowing me to capture you!



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